How Does a Personal Directive Work?

A Personal Directive is a document you write that outlines your instructions about non-financial personal matters. It comes into to effect if something happens to you and it looks like you are unable to make your own decisions. Or if a ‘capacity assessment’ is done and confirms you can no longer make decisions.

This disability does not have to be permanent. Should you get better, you are then able to take back the power to make your own personal decisions.

What Information to Include in Your Personal Directive

Some of the instructions that you can include in your Personal Directive are:

· What medical treatments you would or wouldn’t want

· Where you would like to live

· Who you would like to live with

· Who you would want to care for your minor children

Choosing an Agent for your Personal Directive

One of the most important decision you will make when writing a Personal Directive is who you choose to appoint as an agent. Your agent will act on your behalf to fulfill the instructions that you have outlined and to help make other personal decisions on your behalf.

Your agent should be someone who is trustworthy and responsible. They will need to be willing to act on your behalf and know you well enough to be able to make those important decisions for you.

Is a Personal Directive an Estate Plan?

A Personal Directive is just one part of a complete Estate Plan. Other documents that can be prepared along with your Personal Directive includes your Last Will and Testament, and Power of Attorney


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